• Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is surgery to increase breast size. It involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles.

Types of Implants for Breast augmentation

  • FillingSaline, Silicone Gel, or   Silicone Gummy Bear Implants.
  • Form: Saline & Silicone Gel implants are around, whilst gummy bear implants come in round and shape choices.
  • Size: Breast implants vary in size, as most individuals take a different sized breast implants augmentation for every breastfeeding; this helps to accomplish the very best possible symmetry.

Types of Incision for Breast Augmentation

Incisions are created in the order the resulting scars Are not readily visible, the several kinds of the incision are:

    1. Inframammary: It Is a brief incision made in the crease beneath the breast( inframammary fold), this incision kind makes it possible for a cosmetic surgeon to put bigger silicone implants or gummy bear implants using precision.
    2. Periareolar: The incision is made around the outer edge of the areola.
    3. Trans-axillary: This Involves a small incision created inside the armpit, by which the surgeon puts the breast augmentation utilizing technical tools and camera, in this, there’s absolutely no scar on the breast but at the armpit
    4. Transumbilical: This technique involves an incision just above the belly button. Each implant is inserted through this incision and then brought up to the breast, the advantage being there is no scarring on the breast itself.

Types of Breast Implant Placement

  1. The strategy to put a breast augmentation is different:
    1. Sub glandular — The breast implant is put in distance between the breast gland (the mammary gland) and the pectoralis major muscle (leading muscle of the torso ) and provides great results.
    2. Sub muscle — The breast implant is positioned under the pectoralis major muscle, that this implantation approach affects maximum coverage of their breast implants.

Analysis for Breast Augmentation

  1. To improve and reestablish breast quantity when the lady feels her breast are too small thus helping in improving self-picture
  2. Correct noticeable breast asymmetry, and proper tuberous breast deformities.
  3. If a breast has been removed or disfigured by surgery to treat breast cancer or trauma.
  4. Frequently used using a breast lift process to enhance the shape of breasts.

Breast Augmentation Cost in India

Treatment Price

USD 2,300

( Indian Rupees approx. 1,65,000 )

No. of Travellers


Days in Hospital


Days Outside Hospital


Total days in India



Before Procedure

  1. Will assess your overall health status, previous surgical background
  2. Current Medical history, medication allergies
  3. A household history of breast cancer
  4. Examine your breasts, Discuss probable outcomes of breast lift operation and some other risks or possible complications
  5. Fix your Present-day drugs, and even discontinue few drugs like aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs.
  6. Quit smoking several months prior to operation

During Procedure

The procedure takes one to two hours:

  1. Anesthesia – usually performed under general anesthesia.
  2. The incision -breast enhancement process can be accomplished via many different incision patterns and procedures. The Precise procedure used will change, the surgeon will probably create an incision under your breasts, either from the axilla (underarms) or about your nipples, Depending upon Your body anatomy form of implant, etc
  3. Implant Positioning – The physician will set the breast augmentation into a pocket over or under your chest muscle(pectoralis major muscle )
  4. Sutures or surgical tape might be used to close the epidermis. Some incision outlines are hidden in the breast shapes, Incision lines will vanish although not permanently vanish

After process

  1. Shifted to recovery and kept under observation till vitals stabilize
  2. Your Breasts will be coated with dressing gauze following the operation.
  3. You will Have drainage tubes, which can be taken out in a couple of days.
  4. Soreness For the very first week possibly prescribed drugs for pain
  5. Restrict strenuous exercise for approximately 2-4 months
  6. Scars Of breast enhancement procedure cure at 6-weeks post-operative, also vanish within a few weeks,
  7. Supportive surgical bra or sports bra to get couple of weeks after breastfeeding augmentation
  8. For Silicone implants, it is advised that patients undergo regular monitoring to display for ruptures

Risk of Breast Augmentation Operation

  1. Feeling in the breast and breastfeeding
  2. Threading and forming in the region around the augmentation
  3.  Bleeding
  4. Inadequate recovery of incisions
  5. Issues With all the dimensions or shape of these implants resulting in asymmetrical breasts
  6. Rupture of all implant
  7. Fluid accumulation

Factors Affecting the Price of Breast Augmentation Process

Following are some variables that will affect the treatment:

    • Running room, recovery room fees
    • The fee to your group of physicians (Surgeons, Anesthetist, dietician, etc )
    • Medicines and sterile dressings
    • Regular evaluation and diagnostic processes
    • Is Determined by the treatment choices: Implant price

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the indications of breast augmentation surgery?

A: To improve and restore breast quantity when the lady feels that her breast are too little

  • To Attain better equilibrium
  • Frequently used with a breast reduction process to enhance the shape of breasts
  • if a breast has been removed or disfigured by surgery to treat breast cancer or injury

Q: Is it secure to have a mammogram with breast augmentation?

A: Yes it is secure to have mammograms with breast implants.

Q: What occurs when breast implant ruptures?

A: It is going to quickly deflate, and may be surgically removed.

Normally saline implant rupture is really a quiet rupture Significance every time a silicone breast implant ruptures it ordinarily doesn’t deflate, the gel flows from it and migrate normally to breast and armpit .For saline implants, so it’s suggested to undergo regular monitoring to display to ruptures

Q: When does one breast augmentation?

  • When there is damage during implantation or other surgical procedures
  • degradation of the implant shell
  • trauma or mechanical pressure

Q: What do you really mean by silent rupture?

A: Silicone breast implants may cause no obvious symptoms when they rupture. This is known as a silent rupture.

Q: Just how long is the recovery period following breast lift surgery?

A: Breast augmentation surgery, based on the nature of the tasks, and resumes most daily tasks after a week or so.

Q: Which are precautions after the breast lift procedure?

  • You’ll have to restrict exercise to the first 2-6 weeks following a breast lift;
  • Sleeping on your back for your first fourteen days or longer after the operation.
  • For silicone implants, so It’s Suggested that patients undergo regular monitoring to display for ruptures

Q: What’s the Difference Between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants?

A: Though silicone gel implants feel much more like breasts compared to silicone, they pose more of a danger if they flow.

Q: What’s the term of breast augmentation surgery?

A: The duration of the surgery is generally 2-3 hours together with the hospital stay for approximately one day.

Q: Can breast implants last 30 years?

A: The lifespan of implants vary, but only “few people may keep their original implants for 20 to 30 years,”

Q: Is 55 too old for breast augmentation?

A: A Guide to Breast Augmentation for Those 50 and Over.The good news about breast augmentation surgery is that it has no specific age limit. While breast augmentation is an invasive surgery, it’s a procedure that’s been performed for decades, and the best surgeons have extensive experience with breast surgery

Q: Is there an age limit for breast implants?

A: Although there is a minimum age for cosmetic augmentation – 18 for saline implants and 22 for silicone implants – there is technically no upper age restriction for individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their breasts later in life.

Q: What’s the safest breast implant?

A: Both saline and silicone breast implants are considered safe for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Research on the safety and effectiveness of both types of implants is ongoing.

Q: Do breast implants shorten your life?

A: However, implants usually have a shelf life. They’re very good for the first 10 years, but after that doctors tend to monitor them a bit more closely. As an implant gets older, the outer shell loses strength and can leak

Q: Will my breast implants look bigger if I lose weight?

A: It’s important to remember that your breast implants will not get bigger or smaller as you gain or lose weightIf you are losing a significant amount of weight, your implants will look larger on your smaller frame. This is why it is so crucial to maintain your body weight post breast augmentation.

Q: Will my boobs get smaller if I lose weight?

A: When you drop pounds, the cells in the fat tissue shrink along with other such cells in your body. Some women have denser breasts with less fatty tissue, and they’ll experience less noticeable drops in breast size as they lose weight.

Q: How do I keep my breast implants perky?

A: The Do’s & Don’ts of Keeping Your Breasts Perky
  1. Don’t buy in to creams and lotions that promise enhanced breast shape.
  2. Do invest in quality moisturizer and sunscreen.
  3. Don’t wear bras that give too much lift to your breasts.
  4. Do wear properly fitted bras that aid your body in supporting your breasts.
  5. Don’t avoid exercises that make your breasts bounce

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