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  • Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai was opened to the public in 2017 as a single-speciality hospital with a special focus on offering the best-in-class fertility and related treatments. It is located in Vashi and is a first-of-its-kind luxury hospital, which forms a part of a chain of fertility hospitals.
  • Besides fertility and related treatments, the hospital offers treatments in, gynaecology, pediatric, physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, stem cell banking, intensive care, cosmetology, neonatal care, breastfeeding support and other allied services.
  • Some of the advanced fertility treatments offered at Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai are, intracytoplasmic sperm injection technology, laser assisted hatching technology, micro tese technology, preimplantation genetic screening diagnosis technology, sperm DNA fragmentation technology and time lapse embryo monitoring technology.
  • Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai also has some additional value-added services for patients who cannot come to the hospital.These are, sample collection from home, home delivery of meds, online consultation, flu shots at home, video consultation, home vaccination, and online consultation for breastfeeding and mental health.
  • The facility ranks among the top providers of one-on-one PT to expectant mothers.
  • The medical team, comprising of +20 neonatologists, pediatricians, IVF specialists, OBGYNs, radiologists and psychologists at Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai are experts in their fields with vast experience. The facility has world-class infrastructure to offer best medical care to patients.
  • At Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai the infrastructure includes, a triage room, a scanning room, recovery room, an OT complex, NICU, LDR and a baby aquarium.
  • The hospital premises are neat, clean, well-lit and modern. They are equipped with modern-day appliances. Patients can opt from suite, deluxe and twin accomodation options.
  • One can opt for free pregnancy counselling and also request a callback.

Team and Specialities

Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai has an excellent team of +20 medical professionals comprising of IVF specialists, surgeons paediatricians, neonatologists, obstetricins and gynaecologists. The medical staff is skilled and compassionate. ​To ensure a safe and enjoyable motherhood experience, the hospital offers services such as, gynaecology, pediatric, fertility, physiotherapy, nutrition and dietetics, stem cell banking, intensive care, cosmetology, neonatal care, breastfeeding support and allied services.

Top Doctors at Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai


Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai addresses all needs of a to-be mother right from pre-birthing to post-delivery. The hospital has world-class infrastructure comprising of a consultation room, a counselling cabin, an OT complex, a triage, an NICU, an LDR, a recovery room, a scanning room, patient rooms, a baby aquarium and an aerobics room.


From Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Cloud Nine Hospital, Navi Mumbai is about 28 kms. away, depending on the route opted for. It is advisable to travel by private car or cab services as there may not be a direct bus to the hospital. One can try State Transport buses which run between the two cities.

For patients travelling from outstation by train, Bandra is the ideal railway station to alight at.

Hospital Address


PLOT NO.- 88, 17, Phase 2,

Sector 19D, Vashi

Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 400705


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